iTunes Ratings Analysis

About this project

Have an iPod? Using iTunes to store and rate your music? This will show you a fancy analysis of your preferences - here's an example analysis of my music. The analysis takes a little while (5-10 mins) to run - be patient!

Your iTunes Music Library.xml can be found in the following places:


About this project: This project analyzes your iTunes collections, showing the highest rated artists and albums, etc. A Python script parses the iTunes Music Library.xml file and stores the information in a PostgreSQL database, then performs the analysis using a series of SQL queries. The little charts are based on - each color represents a different rating (black is 0, red is 1, etc.). You can mouse over the colors to see the exact number of songs that had that rating.

Source files:

Optimization process - I spent a while optimizing these scripts. Here are writeups of what I did:

Here are the versions the script went through: