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Favorite artists: Barenaked Ladies, Clandestine, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Frou Frou, Michael Jackson, Pomplamoose, Radiohead, Savage Garden, The Rice Philharmonics, The Simpsons, Tori Amos

Favorite albums: Details (by Frou Frou), Fallen (by Evanescence), Savage Garden (by Savage Garden), To Anybody At All (by Clandestine), Tribute to Famous People (by Pomplamoose)

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Average rating of all tracks
Average ratingStandard deviationRated tracksTotal tracksTracks to rate
Number of rated tracks
RatingNumber of tracks
Total time listened to music
Total time of music in library
Total time of unrated music
Highest average rated artists with more than four tracks rated
ArtistChartRated tracksAverage ratingStandard deviationTotal tracks
Frou Frou 114.545450.5222311
Savage Garden 114.454550.5222311
Clandestine 124.416670.5149312
Pomplamoose 104.400000.5164010
Michael Jackson 224.318180.7162322
Muse 224.272730.6310922
Evanescence 244.250000.7372124
Goo Goo Dolls 134.230770.7250113
Matchbox 20 134.230770.5991413
Radiohead 704.200000.6936670
Joss Whedon 154.200000.7746015
Barenaked Ladies 404.150000.6998240
Coldplay 344.147060.7020534
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 154.133330.5164015
Jonathan Larson 174.117650.8574917
Bleu 134.076920.2773513
Linkin Park 374.000000.6666737
Journey 324.000000.8424232
DJ Danger Mouse 124.000000.7385512
The Killers 114.000000.6324611
Cher 104.000000.8165010
Mark Mothersbaugh 54.000000.707115
Madonna 133.923080.6405113
Saliva 123.916670.6685612
Dave Matthews Band 933.913980.7321293
Arcade Fire 113.909090.5393611
Michelle Branch 113.909090.3015111
The Slip 113.909090.7006511
Stephen Schwartz 193.894740.8093019
Blue October 263.884620.5883526
The Blues Brothers Band 83.875000.640878
Buffy and Friends 233.869570.6255423
Tori Amos 603.866670.6756560
Jimmy Eat World 353.857140.8096135
University of Rochester Yellowjackets 203.850000.9880920
Dirty Vegas 123.833330.5773512
Anna Nalick 113.818180.8738611
Dexter Freebish 113.818180.6030211
Guster 113.818181.0787211
Phil Collins 163.812500.9105916
University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers 373.810810.7392937
Pink Floyd 353.800000.7970535
Sarah McLachlan 153.800000.7746015
Pet Shop Boys 103.800000.7888110
Adam Lambert 143.785710.5789314
Northwestern University Purple Haze 143.785710.8017814
E.J. Jones 93.777780.440969
Vertical Horizon 223.772730.7516222
Lacuna Coil 133.769230.7250113
Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx 213.761900.7003421
Fall Out Boy 403.750000.6304340
Depeche Mode 203.750000.4442620
NEScover 163.750000.6831316
Apotheosis 123.750000.7537812
Fuel 123.750000.7537812
Hoobastank 123.750000.6215812
Sonya Kitchell 123.750000.4522712
Rockapella 353.742860.7800035
The Calling 223.727270.7025022
Ely Guerra 113.727270.4671011
John Du Prez & Eric Idle 253.720000.7916225
Metallica 213.714290.5606121
Dave Matthews 143.714290.4688114
Homestar Runner 73.714290.755937
Garbage 243.708330.5500324
Death Cab For Cutie 133.692310.7510713
The Magnetic Fields 133.692310.6304313
Foo Fighters 293.689660.7123129
George Winston 163.687500.6020816
Brian Jacobs 223.681820.6463322
OutKast 213.666670.9128721
Jay-Z & Linkin Park 63.666671.032806
Wilco 233.652170.6472823
U2 553.636360.6766955
Vanessa Carlton 223.636360.7895422
The Lonely Island 193.631580.9551319
Cirque du Soleil 243.625000.6469024
Nine Inch Nails 633.619050.7054863
NSync 263.615380.6972526
Bodies Of Water 133.615380.7679513
Freezepop 133.615380.6504413
The Beatles 573.614040.7008857
Colin Hay 283.607140.6852628
Nas 153.600000.6324615
Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz 103.600000.8432710
Bruno Coulais, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 53.600000.547725
Queen 283.571430.6900728
Rush 73.571430.786807
Boyz II Men 233.565220.7277723
Edmonson, Greg 253.560000.6506425
Sting 343.558820.7045834
3 Doors Down 113.545450.6875511
The Simpsons 923.543480.7902392
Hilary Duff 133.538460.7762513
John Mayer 133.538460.7762514
Plain White T's 133.538460.6602313
The White Stripes 133.538460.6602313
The Rice Philharmonics 693.536230.6548476
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 153.533330.7432215
Michael Giacchino 153.533330.6399415
Lauridsen, Morten 173.529410.7174317
Imogen Heap 383.526320.6872138
Lager Rhythms 193.526321.0202619
Puddle of Mudd 233.521740.6653523
Revels 313.516130.7690231
Bear McCreary 303.500000.7310830
Atlanta Symphony & Chorus 163.500000.7303016
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina 143.500000.5188714
Zero 7 143.500000.8548514
Entourloupe 123.500000.5222312
Guns N' Roses 123.500000.9045312
Maroon 5 123.500000.6742012
Don Henley 103.500000.7071110
The Beach Boys 493.489800.6165249
Eminem 213.476190.8728723
Lady GaGa 173.470590.7998222
Austin Lounge Lizards 473.468090.6868747
Everclear 133.461540.7762513
Jennifer Molholt 133.461540.5188713
George Michael 113.454550.6875511
Train 113.454550.6875511
Video Game Pianist 453.444440.7554545
Kyle Gabler 273.444440.5773527
Asia 93.444440.527059
Enya 413.439020.6343841
Indigo Girls 163.437500.5123516
Normand Corbeil 163.437500.7274416
Christina Aguilera 213.428570.7464221
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard 143.428570.5135514
Kansas 143.428570.9376114
Men At Work 143.428570.5135514
Pink 143.428570.5135514
Stephen Flaherty 383.421050.6830638
Bowling For Soup 193.421050.7685319
A*Teens 123.416670.5149312
Kaiser Chiefs 123.416670.5149312
Massive Attack 123.416670.6685612
Rice Marching Owl Band 253.400000.8660325
Hans Zimmer 153.400000.5070915
Creed 103.400000.6992110
Dido 233.391300.4990123
Verve Pipe 133.384620.6504413
The Christmas Revels 213.380950.8047521
Aerosmith 243.375000.7696724
Toadies 113.363640.6742011
Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger 143.357140.4972514
Danny Elfman 263.346150.6288026
Weird Al Yankovic 703.342860.6996070
Philip Glass 213.333330.4830521
Badelt, Klaus 153.333330.4879515
Natalie Imbruglia 123.333330.4923712
The Lion King 123.333330.4923712
Gorillaz 93.333330.707119
UGA Accidentals 63.333330.516406
Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony 253.320000.8020825
Dana Lyons 133.307690.6304313
Josie and the Pussycats 133.307690.7510713
Third Eye Blind 133.307690.4803813
Webber, Andrew Lloyd 133.307690.4803813
1995 Broadway Cast 203.300000.6569520
Thomas Newman 343.294120.5239434
Loreena McKennitt 173.294120.4696717
Mylo 173.294120.4696717
Buena Vista Social Club 143.285710.4688114
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 143.285710.7262714
Houston Revels 253.280000.4582625
Avalon 183.277780.5745118
Jackson Browne 293.275860.7018629
Mannheim Steamroller 293.275860.7510329
The Cambridge Singers 223.272730.5504822
Andrew Lloyd Webber 163.250000.4472116
Howard Shore 163.250000.6831316
Alexandre Desplat 123.250000.4522712
Aaron Copland 83.250000.707118
Fountains Of Wayne 463.239130.7050546
Nintendo 823.231710.5281982
Simple Plan 133.230770.5991413
The Brian Setzer Orchestra 133.230770.4385313
Outkast 193.210530.6306019
Enigma 253.200000.5773525
Jerry Goldsmith 153.200000.7746015
Blue Oyster Cult 103.200000.9189410
Sean Wood 103.200000.4216410
a-ha 103.200000.6324610
Bruno Coulais, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 53.200000.447215
Army Of Anyone 113.181820.6030211
TV Themes 653.169230.6012865
Jason & deMarco 123.166670.5773512
Mozart 63.166670.408256
Backstreet Boys 133.153850.6887413
Mighty Mighty Bosstones 133.153850.3755313
Wynton Marsalis and Ellis Marsalis 133.153850.3755313
Disney 203.150000.3663520
Rudy Davenport 203.150000.5871420
Celine Dion 143.142860.5345214
They Might Be Giants 403.125000.7574440
Beethoven 163.125000.3415716
E. Power Biggs 83.125000.353558
Rogues 193.105260.4588319
Barry White 203.100000.3077920
Animaniacs 323.093750.3901532
Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner 243.083330.8805524
Jewel 273.074070.8738027
Alain Boubil & Claude-Michel Shonberg 143.071430.2672614
Various 723.069440.7378472
Tom Lehrer 293.068970.4575629
Beauty and the Beast 153.066670.5936215
Pinnock, The English Concert & Choir 163.062500.5737316
Elvis Presley 363.055560.2323136
Rolling Stones 183.055560.2357018
Tchaikovsky 183.055560.2357018
Michael Kamen 303.033330.7184030
Ramones 303.033330.1825730
Menken, Alan & David Zippel 243.000000.5897724
ABBA 193.000000.4714019
John Tesh 173.000000.6123717
Constantinople 143.000000.0000014
Emilia 123.000000.6030212
The Wallflowers 123.000000.0000012
Toni Braxton 123.000000.8528012
Rudresh Mahanthappa 93.000000.000009
Dvorak - Mendelssohn 83.000000.000008
Noteworthy 53.000000.707115
Seu Jorge 53.000000.000005
Alan Silvestri 172.941180.4287517
All-Region Choir 162.937500.4425316
Cats 152.933330.5936215
Kenny G 262.923080.3922326
Big Idea 362.916670.6491836
Sandra Boynton 122.916670.2886812
Menken, Alan, Howard Ashman & Tim Rice 212.904760.5389621
Don McLean 202.900000.4472120
Kathy Troccoli 102.900000.5676510
ACTS 82.875000.353558
Jacques Loussier 82.875000.353558
David Arnold 152.866670.5164015
Flying Fish Sailors 152.866670.7432215
John Williams 362.861110.6393236
Chick Corea 72.857140.690077
Mulan 62.833330.408256
Sviatoslav Richter 222.818180.5884922
Andrea Bocelli 162.812500.4031116
Bernstein The Songbook 212.809520.7496021
James Horner 302.800000.6102630
Original Soundtrack 192.789470.4188519
Much Ado About Nothing 242.750000.4423324
Rodgers & Hammerstein 162.750000.4472116
Mark Knopfler (Princess Bride) 122.750000.4522712
Scooby Doo 192.736840.6533819
Michael W. Smith 112.727270.6466711
The Conet Project 72.714290.48795136
Beaches 102.700000.4830510
Mark Douthit, Jeff Kirk, Dann Huff, Craig Nelson, David Huntsinger, John Darnall, Eric Darken 102.700000.4830510
mc chris 102.700000.9486811
Dmitri Shostakovich 162.687500.6020816
Alcoa Singers 192.684210.4775719
David Newman 62.666670.516406
Leonard Bernstein 62.666670.816506
Sha-Na-Na 62.666670.516406
Bellaire High School 102.600000.6992110
Bloodhound Gang 192.526320.6117819
The American Film Orchestra 102.500000.5270510
Barnes & Noble 282.464290.5078728
Annie 152.333330.4879515
Sensuous Sax 102.300000.4830510
John Barry 172.294120.4696717
Moffo/Tucker/Costa/Merrill 182.277780.4608918
Giuseppe Verdi 262.269230.4523426
Car Talk 52.200000.4472124
Highest average rated artists with two to four tracks rated
ArtistChartTracksAverage ratingStandard deviationTotal tracks
University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat 35.000000.000003
Penn Six-5000 25.000000.000002
Robin Wright-Penn 25.000000.000002
The Smashing Pumpkins 25.000000.000002
University of Michigan Dicks & Janes 34.666670.577353
Indiana University Straight No Chaser 24.500000.707112
MIT Logarhythms 24.500000.707112
R. Kelly 24.500000.707112
Silversun Pickups 24.500000.7071111
Sven Libaek 24.500000.707112
Antonio Banderas, Madonna 34.000000.000003
The Bostonians of Boston College 34.000000.000003
University of Southern California Sirens 34.000001.000003
University of Virginia Academical Village People 34.000000.000003
Bruno Coulais, The Children's Choir Of Nice, Teri Hatcher, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 24.000000.000002
Dartmouth Aires 24.000000.000002
Jars Of Clay 24.000000.000002
Johns Hopkins Octopodes 24.000000.000002
Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus 24.000000.000002
Kenny Loggins 24.000001.414212
Letters to Cleo 24.000000.000002
Norman Blake 24.000000.000002
Soggy Bottom Boys 24.000001.414212
Tar Heel Voices 24.000000.000002
The Cardigans 24.000000.000002
The Pitchforks of Duke University 24.000001.414212
Tufts University Amalgamates 24.000001.414212
Stanford Harmonics 33.666670.577353
University of Michigan Amazin' Blue 33.666670.577353
Vivaldi 33.666670.577353
50 Cent 23.500000.707112
Aural Pleasure 23.500002.121322
Bizet 23.500000.707112
Blink 182 23.500002.121322
Bruno Coulais & Helene Breschand 23.500000.707112
Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini,The Children's Choir Of Nice, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 23.500000.707112
Chopin 23.500000.707112
Copeland 23.500000.707112
Count Basie 23.500000.707112
David Bowie 23.500000.707112
Deodato 23.500000.707112
Frankie Valli 23.500000.707112
Liz Callaway 23.500000.707112
Louis Armstrong 23.500000.707112
Smash Mouth 23.500000.707112
Stanford University Mixed Company 23.500000.707112
Tufts Beelzebubs 23.500000.707112
USC Sirens 23.500000.707112
University of North Carolina Clef Hangers 23.500000.707112
Vocal Tonic 23.500000.707112
Arvo P#rt 33.333330.577353
Madonna, Antonio Banderas 33.333331.154703
Commercial 43.000000.000004
Johannes Brahms 43.000000.000004
Radio Sponsor 43.000000.816504
Bach 33.000000.000003
Burl Ives 33.000000.000003
Greig 33.000000.000003
Stanford Fleet Street Singers 33.000000.000003
USC SoCal VoCals 33.000000.000003
Beastie Boys 23.000000.000002
Brahms 23.000000.000002
Bruno Coulais, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 23.000000.000002
Duke Ellington 23.000000.000002
Eels 23.000000.000002
Evolution Control Committee 23.000001.414212
Fletcher Henderson 23.000000.000002
Georges Delerue 23.000000.000002
Gershwin 23.000000.000002
Grover 23.000001.414212
John Cale 23.000000.000002
John Hartford 23.000000.000002
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John 23.000000.000002
Kermit the Frog 23.000001.414212
Kristine W 23.000000.000002
Leroy 23.000000.000002
Macy Gray 23.000000.000002
Mendelssohn 23.000000.000002
Mongo Santamaria 23.000000.000002
Sheryl Crow 23.000000.000002
Sister Hazel 23.000000.000002
Stevie Wonder 23.000000.000002
Teena Marie 23.000001.414212
The Pointer Sisters 23.000001.414212
Virginia Tech Juxtaposition 23.000001.414212
Local Vocals 32.666671.154703
Schubert 32.666670.577353
Strauss 32.666670.577353
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus/ Requiem 42.500000.577354
The Kids 42.500000.577354
Grease 22.500000.707112
John Travolta 22.500000.707112
Lazlow 22.500000.707112
Olivia Newton-John 22.500000.707112
Rossini 22.500000.707112
Stockard Channing 22.500000.707112
Sympathetic Vibrations 22.500000.707112
Cindy Bullens 22.000000.000002
Madonna vs The Lovemakers 22.000000.000002
Highest average rated albums with at least one track rated
AlbumChartRated tracksAverage ratingStandard deviationTotal tracksMain artist
Rarities & B-Sides [Explicit] 25.000000.000002The Smashing Pumpkins
Details 114.545450.5222311Frou Frou
Fallen 114.545450.5222311Evanescence
Gotham City (Single) 24.500000.707112R. Kelly
Carnavas 24.500000.7071111Silversun Pickups
Savage Garden 114.454550.5222311Savage Garden
To Anybody At All 124.416670.5149312Clandestine
Tribute to Famous People 104.400000.5164010Pomplamoose
In Rainbows 104.400000.6992110Radiohead
Stunt 134.384620.5063713Barenaked Ladies
Amnesiac 114.363640.6742011Radiohead
Hail to the Thief 144.357140.6333214Radiohead
Maroon 124.333330.6513412Barenaked Ladies
Parachutes 104.300000.8232710Coldplay
Number Ones 184.277780.7519018Michael Jackson
Black Holes and Revelations 114.272730.6466711Muse
The Resistance 114.272730.6466711Muse
Manifesto 114.272730.6466711University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
Futures 114.272730.6466711Jimmy Eat World
Mad Season 134.230770.5991413Matchbox 20
Everyday 134.230770.7250113Dave Matthews Band
Dizzy Up The Girl 134.230770.7250113Goo Goo Dolls
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 154.200000.7746015Joss Whedon
Kid A 104.200000.7888110Radiohead
Before These Crowded Streets 114.181820.6030211Dave Matthews Band
A Rush Of Blood To The Head 114.181820.4045211Coldplay
Bleed American 114.181820.7507611Jimmy Eat World
Under The Table And Dreaming 124.166670.7177412Dave Matthews Band
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 154.133330.5164015You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Rent 174.117650.8574917Jonathan Larson
Busted Stuff 114.090910.7006511Dave Matthews Band
Redhead 124.083330.2886812Bleu
Little Earthquakes 124.083330.6685612Tori Amos
Meteora 134.076920.7595513Linkin Park
Year Zero 164.062500.6800716Nine Inch Nails
The Essential Journey 324.000000.8424232Journey
The X-Files: The Album - Fight The Future 144.000000.6793714None
The Open Door 134.000000.8165013Evanescence
Folie A Deux 134.000000.7071113Fall Out Boy
X&Y 134.000000.8165013Coldplay
The Bends 124.000000.7385512Radiohead
Minutes To Midnight 124.000000.6030212Linkin Park
OK Computer 124.000000.6030212Radiohead
The Grey Album 124.000000.7385512DJ Danger Mouse
Hot Fuss 114.000000.6324611The Killers
Listener Supported (Disc 2) 104.000000.8165010Dave Matthews Band
The Slip 104.000000.8165010Nine Inch Nails
Believe 104.000000.8165010Cher
The Fame Monster 34.000001.000008Lady GaGa
Epoch 34.000001.0000010The Rice Philharmonics
Flood (CD Single) 24.000000.000002Jars Of Clay
BOCA 2005 203.950000.6863320None
BOCA 2003 183.944440.9376018None
BOCA 2004 183.944440.7253618None
Scarlet's Walk 183.944440.6391418Tori Amos
Ray of Light 133.923080.6405113Madonna
The Wall - Disc 2 133.923080.7595513Pink Floyd
Back Into Your System 123.916670.6685612Saliva
From The Choirgirl Hotel 123.916670.7929612Tori Amos
History for Sale 123.916670.6685612Blue October
Hybrid Theory 123.916670.6685612Linkin Park
Camino Palmero 113.909090.8312111The Calling
All That You Can't Leave Behind 113.909090.7006511U2
The Spirit Room 113.909090.3015111Michelle Branch
Eisenhower 113.909090.7006511The Slip
Neon Bible 113.909090.5393611Arcade Fire
Darwin's Gambit 103.900000.7378610University of Rochester Yellowjackets
Wicked 193.894740.8093019Stephen Schwartz
The Dark Side Of The Moon 93.888890.927969Pink Floyd
Nature's Call 93.888891.269309University of Rochester Yellowjackets
GTA VC Disc 4 - Flash FM 173.882350.7812117None
BOCA 2001 173.882350.9275217None
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling 233.869570.6255423Buffy and Friends
Mirrorball 143.857140.7703314Sarah McLachlan
Infinity On High 143.857140.5345214Fall Out Boy
Foiled 143.857140.5345214Blue October
Dirty Vegas 123.833330.5773512Dirty Vegas
Speak For Yourself 123.833330.5773512Imogen Heap
The Joshua Tree 113.818180.8738611U2
Everything You Want 113.818180.8738611Vertical Horizon
A Life Of Saturdays 113.818180.6030211Dexter Freebish
Wreck Of The Day 113.818180.8738611Anna Nalick
Lost and Gone Forever 113.818181.0787211Guster
1 273.814810.7862827The Beatles
Phil Collins...Hits 163.812500.9105916Phil Collins
Gordon 153.800000.7746015Barenaked Ladies
GTA VC Disc 3 - Emotion 98.3 153.800001.1464215None
Actually 103.800000.7888110Pet Shop Boys
Listener Supported (Disc 1) 103.800000.7888110Dave Matthews Band
Spider-Man 193.789470.5353019None
BOCA 2002 193.789470.9763319None
For Your Entertainment 143.785710.5789314Adam Lambert
The Willow 93.777780.440969E.J. Jones
Karmacode 133.769230.7250113Lacuna Coil
Greatest Hits 173.764710.6642117Queen
Avenue Q (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 213.761900.7003421Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx
101 203.750000.4442620Depeche Mode
SA NEScover 163.750000.6831316NEScover
Five Seconds To Spare 123.750000.7537812Apotheosis
The Reason 123.750000.6215812Hoobastank
Version 2.0 123.750000.6215812Garbage
Smilin' 123.750000.8660312Rockapella
All That Chaz 123.750000.4522712The Rice Philharmonics
words came back to me 123.750000.4522712Sonya Kitchell
Hooray for Everything 123.750000.7537812Northwestern University Purple Haze
Untie Me 123.750000.6215812Brian Jacobs
Rockapella: Live In Japan 233.739130.7518123Rockapella
S&M Disc 1 113.727270.4671011Metallica
Lotofire 113.727270.4671011Ely Guerra
A Day Without Rain 113.727270.6466711Enya
Come Clean 113.727270.6466711Puddle of Mudd
Go 113.727270.6466711Vertical Horizon
Spamalot 253.720000.7916225John Du Prez & Eric Idle
Some Devil 143.714290.4688114Dave Matthews
S&M Disc 2 103.700000.6749510Metallica
Narrow Stairs 133.692310.7510713Death Cab For Cutie
II 133.692310.6304313Boyz II Men
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace 133.692310.7510713Foo Fighters
Distortion 133.692310.6304313The Magnetic Fields
Linus & Lucy The Music Of Vince Guaraldi 163.687500.6020816George Winston
The Love Below 213.666670.9128721OutKast
Songs From the Street - 35 Years of Music - Disc 3 213.666670.9128721None
Skin And Bones 153.666670.7237515Foo Fighters
La Nouba 123.666670.7785012Cirque du Soleil
Sky Blue Sky 123.666670.6513412Wilco
Garbage 123.666670.4923712Garbage
No Strings Attached 123.666670.7785012NSync
Collision Course 63.666671.032806Jay-Z & Linkin Park
BOCA 2006 203.650000.8127320None
The Blue Album 143.642860.8419014University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
Phils So Good 143.642860.6333214The Rice Philharmonics
A Scorching Day of Abstention 143.642860.6333214The Rice Philharmonics
Harmonium 113.636360.8090411Vanessa Carlton
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 113.636360.6742011Wilco
Be Not Nobody 113.636360.8090411Vanessa Carlton
Sunburn 113.636360.6742011Fuel
Incredibad [Explicit] 193.631580.9551319The Lonely Island
Pet Sounds 273.629630.6292927The Beach Boys
Welcome Interstate Managers 163.625000.7188016Fountains Of Wayne
The Book Of Secrets 83.625000.517558Loreena McKennitt
Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink 133.615380.7679513Bodies Of Water
NSync 133.615380.6504413NSync
Fancy Ultra-fresh 133.615380.6504413Freezepop
The Wall - Disc 1 133.615380.7679513Pink Floyd
Boys For Pele 183.611110.6076818Tori Amos
Nas 153.600000.6324615Nas
[Scrubs] Soundtrack 153.600000.7367915None
Brand New Day 103.600000.6992110Sting
Top Gun 103.600000.6992110None
Two Faces 103.600000.6992110Brian Jacobs
Music from Braid 103.600000.8432710Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz
Songs In The Key Of Springfield 393.589740.7510739The Simpsons
Quidam 123.583330.5149312Cirque du Soleil
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb 123.583330.5149312U2
Running With Scissors 123.583330.9962012Weird Al Yankovic
Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 143.571430.7559314Sting
Moving Pictures 73.571430.786807Rush
Firefly 253.560000.6506425Edmonson, Greg
Now That's What I Call Music 15 203.550000.9445120None
Small Minds 113.545450.5222311Austin Lounge Lizards
The Better Life 113.545450.68755113 Doors Down
Two 113.545450.5222311The Calling
Transistor Radio 113.545450.5222311University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
Going Somewhere 133.538460.6602313Colin Hay
Room For Squares 133.538460.7762514John Mayer
Shrek 133.538460.6602313None
All That We Needed 133.538460.6602313Plain White T's
Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King 133.538460.6602313Dave Matthews Band
Metamorphosis 133.538460.7762513Hilary Duff
Icky Thump 133.538460.6602313The White Stripes
Man @ Work 133.538460.6602313Colin Hay
Star Trek 153.533330.6399415Michael Giacchino
GTA VC Disc 2 - Wave 103 153.533330.8338115None
Facing Future 153.533330.7432215Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Lux Aeterna 173.529410.7174317Lauridsen, Morten
Evita 193.526320.6966919None
Strange Charm 193.526321.0202619Lager Rhythms
Christmas in an Irish Castle 313.516130.7690231Revels
Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons 533.509430.8232853The Simpsons
Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 303.500000.7310830Bear McCreary
The Life Aquatic 203.500000.6882520None
Blues Brothers 2000 183.500000.7071118None
Faur# and Durufl# Requiems 163.500000.7303016Atlanta Symphony & Chorus
Stand Up 143.500000.6504414Dave Matthews Band
10 Things I Hate About You 143.500000.6504414None
Simple Things 143.500000.8548514Zero 7
Tarzan Soundtrack 143.500000.5188714Phil Collins & Mark Mancina
Epilogue 123.500000.5222312Entourloupe
Songs About Jane 123.500000.6742012Maroon 5
Greatest Hits Volume II 123.500000.5222312Weird Al Yankovic
Appetite For Destruction [Explicit] 123.500000.9045312Guns N' Roses
Bad Hair Day 123.500000.6742012Weird Al Yankovic
Lizard Vision 123.500000.7977212Austin Lounge Lizards
I'm Alive 103.500000.7071110Jackson Browne
The End Of The Innocence 103.500000.7071110Don Henley
Mercury Falling 103.500000.7071110Sting
Coraline 323.468750.5670732None
Mission Impossible Soundtrack 153.466670.5164015None
Senior Recital 133.461540.5188713Jennifer Molholt
So Much For The Afterglow 133.461540.7762513Everclear
The Video Game Pianist Piano Collections 243.458330.7210624Video Game Pianist
The Abba Generation 113.454550.5222311A*Teens
Calling All Angels 113.454550.6875511Train
Faith 113.454550.6875511George Michael
No Line On The Horizon 113.454550.5222311U2
Paint Me On Velvet 113.454550.6875511Austin Lounge Lizards
Mezzanine 113.454550.6875511Massive Attack
Stripped 203.450000.7591520Christina Aguilera
World of Goo Soundtrack 273.444440.5773527Kyle Gabler
Asia 93.444440.527059Asia
Retrospective 163.437500.5123516Indigo Girls
Heavy Rain (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game) 163.437500.7274416Normand Corbeil
The Beatles (White Album) 303.433330.5683230The Beatles
Mario Fantasy 213.428570.8106421Video Game Pianist
Business As Usual 143.428570.5135514Men At Work
Live at the Whisky 143.428570.9376114Kansas
The Dark Knight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 143.428570.5135514Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Missundaztood 143.428570.5135514Pink
MCMXC a.D. 73.428570.786807Enigma
Ragtime 383.421050.6830638Stephen Flaherty
The Prince of Egypt 193.421050.9015919Various
A Hangover You Don't Deserve 193.421050.7685319Bowling For Soup
Flood 193.421050.7685319They Might Be Giants
Employment 123.416670.5149312Kaiser Chiefs
No Angel 123.416670.5149312Dido
Beowulf 173.411760.7952117Alan Silvestri
MOB Reborn 253.400000.8660325Rice Marching Owl Band
The Simpsons Movie 153.400000.5070915Hans Zimmer
My Own Prison 103.400000.6992110Creed
Cooleyhighharmony 103.400000.8432710Boyz II Men
War 103.400000.6992110U2
Wall-E 383.394740.5945538Thomas Newman
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Soundtrack 183.388890.6978018None
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring [OST] 183.388890.7775418Howard Shore
Ellipse 263.384620.6972526Imogen Heap
Employee Of The Month 133.384620.7679513Austin Lounge Lizards
Villains 133.384620.6504413Verve Pipe
From Under the Cork Tree 133.384620.5063713Fall Out Boy
Wassail! Wassail! Early American Christmas Music 213.380950.8047521The Christmas Revels
Wasting Our Parents' Money 213.380950.8047521None
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 213.380950.6690421Danny Elfman
Christmas Live 163.375000.8062316Mannheim Steamroller
8 Mile (Soundtrack) 163.375000.6191416None
Life For Rent 113.363640.5045211Dido
Off The Deep End 113.363640.5045211Weird Al Yankovic
Rubberneck 113.363640.6742011Toadies
Notorious 143.357140.4972514Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger
The Fame 143.357140.7449514Lady GaGa
A Little South Of Sanity 233.347830.7751123Aerosmith
The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.I 213.333330.4830521Philip Glass
Encore 183.333330.8401720Eminem
Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 153.333330.4879515Badelt, Klaus
GTA VC Disc 6 - Fever 105 153.333330.7237515None
Mulan 123.333330.8876312Mulan
The Lion King Soundtrack 123.333330.4923712The Lion King
Left Of The MIddle 123.333330.4923712Natalie Imbruglia
Life on Display 123.333330.6513412Puddle of Mudd
G Sides 93.333330.707119Gorillaz
Litany 33.333330.577353Arvo P#rt
Orff: Carmina Burana 253.320000.8020825Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony
Josie and the Pussycats Movie Soundtrack 133.307690.7510713Josie and the Pussycats
Cows With Guns: The Cow Pie Nation Cowpilation 133.307690.6304313Dana Lyons
Highlights From The Phantom Of The Opera 133.307690.4803813Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Out Of The Vein 133.307690.4803813Third Eye Blind
Now That's What I Call Music 22 203.300000.8013120None
The Absolute Best, Vol. 1 203.300000.5712420The Beach Boys
Company 203.300000.65695201995 Broadway Cast
Running On Empty 103.300000.9486810Jackson Browne
Destroy Rock & Roll 173.294120.4696717Mylo
Buena Vista Social Club 143.285710.4688114Buena Vista Social Club
Karajan - Berliner 143.285710.7262714Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
No Timidity 143.285710.6112514The Rice Philharmonics
Revels Houston Memories 253.280000.4582625Houston Revels
Ghosts I-IV 363.277780.4542636Nine Inch Nails
The John Rutter Collection 223.272730.5504822The Cambridge Singers
Made In Texas - CD1 113.272730.4671011Rogues
Even Worse 113.272730.6466711Weird Al Yankovic
The Game 113.272730.6466711Queen
GTA VC Disc 1 - V-Rock 153.266670.5936215None
Paint The Sky With Stars, The Best Of Enya 163.250000.5773516Enya
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 163.250000.4472116Andrew Lloyd Webber
Run Lola Run Soundtrack 163.250000.4472116Various
Testify To Love (The Very Best of Avalon) 163.250000.5773516Avalon
Shepherd Moons 123.250000.4522712Enya
Bridges and Breakdowns 123.250000.7537812The Rice Philharmonics
The Legend of Zelda : Original Sound Track 823.231710.5281982Nintendo
The Dirty Boogie 133.230770.4385313The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Clarity 133.230770.5991413Jimmy Eat World
No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls 133.230770.5991413Simple Plan
Spirit 133.230770.7250113Jewel
Super Hits 183.222220.8084518Blue Oyster Cult
UGApalooza 233.217390.8504823None
Clueless Soundtrack 143.214290.5789314None
That Was The Year That Was 143.214290.4258214Tom Lehrer
Speakerboxxx 193.210530.6306019Outkast
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Original Soundtrack) 253.200000.4082525None
Sum of All Fears, The 153.200000.7746015Jerry Goldsmith
Hunting High and Low 103.200000.6324610a-ha
Lifemiles 103.200000.4216410Sean Wood
Wow 2001 - Silver 1 163.187500.6551116None
Army Of Anyone 113.181820.6030211Army Of Anyone
Anastasia 173.176470.7276117None
Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's) 653.169230.6012865TV Themes
Let's Face It 123.166670.3892512Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Lilo & Stitch 123.166670.7177412None
spirit pop 123.166670.5773512Jason & deMarco
Black & Blue 133.153850.6887413Backstreet Boys
Classical Gas 133.153850.6887413Mannheim Steamroller
Joe Cool's Blues 133.153850.3755313Wynton Marsalis and Ellis Marsalis
Christmas Wonder 203.150000.5871420Rudy Davenport
The Little Mermaid 203.150000.3663520Disney
Falling Into You 143.142860.5345214Celine Dion
GTA VC Disc 7 - Espantoso 153.133330.5164015None
Variety Pack 163.125000.5000016Animaniacs
BACH The four Great Toccatas & Fugues 83.125000.353558E. Power Biggs
25 Classical Masterpieces Volume 2 253.120000.4397025None
De-Lovely 173.117650.3321117None
Love Sensuality Devotion - The Greatest Hits 183.111110.4714018Enigma
Piano Sonatas (Moonlight, Pathetique, Waldstein) 93.111110.333339Beethoven
All Time Greatest Hits 203.100000.3077920Barry White
Band Of Brothers 203.100000.7181820Michael Kamen
Songs From the Street - 35 Years of Music Disc 2 213.095240.8890921None
GTA VC Disc 5 - Wildstyle Pirate Radio 213.095240.8309521None
Spaced Out - The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner 243.083330.8805524Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner
Nutcracker Highlights 123.083330.2886812Tchaikovsky
My Best Friend's Wedding 133.076920.4935513None
Miss Saigon (Highlights) 143.071430.2672614Alain Boubil & Claude-Michel Shonberg
Beauty and the Beast 153.066670.5936215Beauty and the Beast
Por Vida - A Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo 323.062500.3535532None
Steven Speilberg Presents Animaniacs 163.062500.2500016Animaniacs
Mozart - Coronation Mass 163.062500.5737316Pinnock, The English Concert & Choir
Wow 2001 - Blue Disc 173.058820.4287517None
Exile on Main St. 183.055560.2357018Rolling Stones
Free Music / Mash-Up 2463.048780.75435246None
Loud, Fast Ramones 303.033330.1825730Ramones
Out-Of-State Plates 303.033330.6149530Fountains Of Wayne
The Sun Studio Sessions 313.032260.1796131Elvis Presley
Hercules 243.000000.5897724Menken, Alan & David Zippel
Veggie Tunes 2 203.000000.6488920Big Idea
Queer As Folk: Club Babylon 203.000000.4588320None
ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits 193.000000.4714019ABBA
A Deeper Faith 173.000000.6123717John Tesh
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 153.000000.7559315Various
Titanic Soundtrack 153.000000.5345215James Horner
Que le Yable les Emporte 143.000000.0000014Constantinople
Free Willy 123.000001.0444712None
Mr. Holland's Opus - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 123.000000.6030212None
Big Big World 123.000000.6030212Emilia
Secrets 123.000000.8528012Toni Braxton
The Wallflowers 123.000000.0000012The Wallflowers
The Moment 123.000000.4264012Kenny G
Fast Trax 103.000000.4714010None
Bernstein Favorites: The Twentieth Century 103.000000.4714010None
An Ancient Muse 93.000000.000009Loreena McKennitt
Codebook 93.000000.000009Rudresh Mahanthappa
"New World" Symphony; "Italian" Symphony 83.000000.000008Dvorak - Mendelssohn
The Pretender 83.000000.000008Jackson Browne
Klavierkonzert No.3, C-Minor, Op.37 43.000000.000004Beethoven
Double Concerto op 102 and Tragic Overture op. 81 43.000000.000004Johannes Brahms
25 Classical Masterpieces Volume 1 252.960000.4546125None
Songs from the Street - 35 Years of Music 212.952380.7400121None
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 172.941180.7475517John Williams
1998-1999 concert 162.937500.4425316All-Region Choir
Cats 152.933330.5936215Cats
Tom Lehrer Revisited 152.933330.4577415Tom Lehrer
Pieces of You 142.928570.9972514Jewel
Pigorian Chant 122.916670.2886812Sandra Boynton
Aladdin 212.904760.5389621Menken, Alan, Howard Ashman & Tim Rice
An Anthology Of Big Band Swing (1930-1955) (Disc 2) 202.900000.4472120None
American Pie - The Greatest Hits 202.900000.4472120Don McLean
The Heart of Me 102.900000.5676510Kathy Troccoli
The Three Musketeers 102.900000.7378610Michael Kamen
Rip Sample Mash Share 162.875000.6191416None
Play Bach 82.875000.353558Jacques Loussier
ACTS 82.875000.353558ACTS
Made In Texas - CD2 82.875000.353558Rogues
Apollo 13 232.869570.6944223James Horner
Tomorrow Never Dies 152.866670.5164015David Arnold
Loch Ness Monster 152.866670.7432215Flying Fish Sailors
Breathless 142.857140.3631414Kenny G
The Gold Collection 72.857140.690077Chick Corea
An Anthology Of Big Band Swing (1930-1955) (Disc 1) 202.850000.3663520None
Weird Al Yankovic 122.833330.5773512Weird Al Yankovic
Sviatoslav Richter - Vol. 7 - Rachmaninov 222.818180.5884922Sviatoslav Richter
VeggieTunes 162.812500.6551116Big Idea
Sacred Arias 162.812500.4031116Andrea Bocelli
Bernstein The Songbook 212.809520.7496021Bernstein The Songbook
Fiddler on the Roof (30th Anniv. Ed.) 192.789470.4188519Original Soundtrack
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone 192.789470.5353019John Williams
Much Ado About Nothing 242.750000.4423324Much Ado About Nothing
John Henry 202.750000.4442620They Might Be Giants
The Sound Of Music 162.750000.4472116Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Princess Bride 122.750000.4522712Mark Knopfler (Princess Bride)
Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 2 122.750000.6215812Dmitri Shostakovich
Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks 192.736840.6533819Scooby Doo
The Conet Project 72.714290.48795136The Conet Project
Beaches 102.700000.4830510Beaches
Light Jazz Christmas 102.700000.4830510Mark Douthit, Jeff Kirk, Dann Huff, Craig Nelson, David Huntsinger, John Darnall, Eric Darken
An old-fashioned Christmas 192.684210.4775719Alcoa Singers
Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing 212.666670.5773521Various
Kaddish/Chichester Psalms 62.666670.816506Leonard Bernstein
Grease 242.625000.5757824None
Life's A Bitch And I'm Her Pimp 82.625001.060669mc chris
Go West Young Man 102.600000.5164010Michael W. Smith
Avodath Hakodesh 102.600000.6992110Bellaire High School
Christmas Chorale 162.562500.5123516Barnes & Noble
Hooray For Boobies 192.526320.6117819Bloodhound Gang
Sleepless in Seattle & Other Great Movie Hits 102.500000.5270510The American Film Orchestra
Symphony No. 11, In the Year 1905 42.500000.577354Dmitri Shostakovich
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus/ Requiem 42.500000.577354Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus/ Requiem
Second Best of Car Talk 22.500000.7071112Car Talk
Annie 152.333330.4879515Annie
Irish & Celtic Celebration 122.333330.4923712Barnes & Noble
The Movies 102.300000.4830510Sensuous Sax
Dances with Wolves 172.294120.4696717John Barry
La Boheme - Highlights 182.277780.4608918Moffo/Tucker/Costa/Merrill
H#hepunkte aus AIDA 112.272730.4671011Giuseppe Verdi
H#hepunkte aus Rigoletto 152.266670.4577415Giuseppe Verdi
Best of Car Talk 32.000000.0000012Car Talk
Highest rated playlists
Playlist nameChartAverage ratingStandard deviationRated tracksTotal tracks
Unrated songs NoneNone064
To be rated NoneNone054
Recently Added NoneNone022
On-The-Go 1 5.000000.000001919
5 stars soundtracks 5.000000.00000106106
On-The-Go 4 5.000000.0000088
5 stars 5.000000.00000565565
5 stars unplayed 5.000000.000007575
On-The-Go 3 5.000000.0000033
top favorites 1 4.904760.300792121
On-The-Go 5 4.884620.325812626
Recently Played 4.818180.501082224
Top 25 Most Played 4.760000.522812525
Top 150 Most Played 4.360000.73530150150
First tracks top rated 4.305880.46169255255
My Top Rated clean 4.220740.4148325462546
My Top Rated 4.219500.4139925742574
Good soundtracks 4.195930.39728541541
Good Mashups 4.112900.319066262
Till Kingdom Come 4.080000.812402525
My Top Rated unplayed 4.053330.22545150150
Guitar Hero 4.000000.816501010
4 stars unplayed 4.000000.00000125125
On-The-Go 2 4.000000.707112525
On-The-Go 6 3.944440.725361818
moving 3.915250.794125959
iTunes DJ 3.777780.732081821
First tracks 3.749400.81936415426
David's favorites 3.720930.701214343
Unplayed no christmas/classical 3.714290.704447777
Recently Added 150 3.705880.7371785149
Unplayed mix 3.687500.704308080
Unplayed clean mix 3.687500.704308080
Not awful w/o Spoken 3.528200.6637459396003
Not awful soundtracks 3.440440.6253314691469
All w/o Spoken 3.398890.7643364886552
All clean w/o Spoken 3.398630.7648064276491
Library 3.397020.7650365016753
Music 3.397020.7650365016753
Clean 3.396740.7655164406690
Soundtracks 3.297360.7334216311653
Party Shuffle 3.187500.403111616
No words 3.185670.64476614614
Free Music / Mash-Up 3.048780.75435246246
Classical Music 3.002820.65310355355
3 Stars 3.000000.0000033703370
3 stars unplayed 3.000000.000007575
Genres in rating order
GenreChartAverage ratingStandard deviationRated tracksTotal tracks
Blues 5.00000None11
Pop/Electronic/New Age 5.00000None11
Electro 4.000000.8165077
Breakbeat 4.00000None11
Classic Rock 3.769230.725011313
Miscellaneous 3.705880.985181717
A Capella 3.681320.81148364364
Pop 3.669640.72768112112
Rap & Hip-Hop 3.600000.632461515
Ethnic 3.600000.843271010
Rock 3.562500.776948081
Alternative Rock 3.520550.835167374
Instrumental 3.444440.755454545
Soundtrack 3.441860.628774343
None 3.422020.7514847964839
Soundtracks 3.405230.60085153173
Christmas 3.062070.76577145145
Techno 3.051950.75000231231
Classical 3.002820.65310355355
Hard Trance 3.00000None11
Electronic 3.00000None11
Modern Rock 3.000000.0000033
R&B 3.000000.0000022
Books & Spoken 2.461540.5188713201
Easy Listening 2.333330.485071818
Artists with most 4 and 5 star tracks
ArtistChart4 & 5 star tracksRated tracksTotal tracks
Dave Matthews Band 649393
Radiohead 597070
The Simpsons 439292
Tori Amos 426060
The Rice Philharmonics 356976
Barenaked Ladies 334040
Nine Inch Nails 316363
Linkin Park 293737
U2 295555
Coldplay 283434
The Beatles 285757
Fall Out Boy 264040
University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers 253737
Weird Al Yankovic 257070
Jimmy Eat World 233535
Austin Lounge Lizards 234747
Pink Floyd 223535
Journey 213232
Rockapella 213535
The Beach Boys 214949
Nintendo 218282
Muse 202222
Evanescence 202424
Blue October 202626
Michael Jackson 192222
Sting 193434
Video Game Pianist 194545
Imogen Heap 183838
Various 187272
Buffy and Friends 172323
Enya 174141
Garbage 162424
Foo Fighters 162929
TV Themes 166565
Depeche Mode 152020
Brian Jacobs 152222
Vertical Horizon 152222
John Du Prez & Eric Idle 152525
Revels 153131
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 141515
Metallica 142121
Colin Hay 142828
Stephen Flaherty 143838
Fountains Of Wayne 144646
Bleu 131313
University of Rochester Yellowjackets 132020
Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx 132121
The Calling 132222
Wilco 132323
Cirque du Soleil 132424
NSync 132626
Queen 132828
Clandestine 121212
Matchbox 20 121313
Joss Whedon 121515
Phil Collins 121616
Jonathan Larson 121717
Stephen Schwartz 121919
OutKast 122121
Boyz II Men 122323
Edmonson, Greg 122525
Frou Frou 111111
Savage Garden 111111
Goo Goo Dolls 111313
Eminem 112123
Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony 112525
Kyle Gabler 112727
Bear McCreary 113030
Pomplamoose 101010
Michelle Branch 101111
Madonna 101313
Adam Lambert 101414
Dave Matthews 101414
George Winston 101616
NEScover 101616
Vanessa Carlton 102222
Puddle of Mudd 102323
Rice Marching Owl Band 102525
Arcade Fire 91111
The Killers 91111
Apotheosis 91212
DJ Danger Mouse 91212
Dirty Vegas 91212
Saliva 91212
Sonya Kitchell 91212
Death Cab For Cutie 91313
Sarah McLachlan 91515
Lauridsen, Morten 91717
Lager Rhythms 91919
Dido 92323
Aerosmith 92424
Jewel 92727
Mannheim Steamroller 92929
Thomas Newman 93434
Pet Shop Boys 81010
Dexter Freebish 81111
Ely Guerra 81111
The Slip 81111
Hoobastank 81212
Everclear 81313
Lacuna Coil 81313
The Magnetic Fields 81313
Northwestern University Purple Haze 81414
Nas 81515
The Lonely Island 81919
Christina Aguilera 82121
The Christmas Revels 82121
Jackson Browne 82929
They Might Be Giants 84040
E.J. Jones 799
Cher 71010
Fuel 71212
Freezepop 71313
John Mayer 71414
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina 71414
Michael Giacchino 71515
Indigo Girls 71616
Bowling For Soup 71919
Philip Glass 72121
The Cambridge Singers 72222
Houston Revels 72525
Danny Elfman 72626
The Blues Brothers Band 688
Anna Nalick 61111
Guster 61111
Entourloupe 61212
Bodies Of Water 61313
Jennifer Molholt 61313
Plain White T's 61313
The White Stripes 61313
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard 61414
Men At Work 61414
Pink 61414
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 61414
Zero 7 61414
Hans Zimmer 61515
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 61515
Atlanta Symphony & Chorus 61616
Howard Shore 61616
Avalon 61818
Outkast 61919
1995 Broadway Cast 62020
Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner 62424
Michael Kamen 63030
Big Idea 63636
Creed 51010
3 Doors Down 51111
A*Teens 51212
Kaiser Chiefs 51212
Maroon 5 51212
Dana Lyons 51313
Hilary Duff 51313
Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger 51414
Badelt, Klaus 51515
Normand Corbeil 51616
Loreena McKennitt 51717
Mylo 51717
Rudy Davenport 52020
Lady GaGa 51722
Enigma 52525
John Williams 53636
Mark Mothersbaugh 455
Homestar Runner 477
Asia 499
Don Henley 41010
Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz 41010
George Michael 41111
Train 41111
Massive Attack 41212
Natalie Imbruglia 41212
The Lion King 41212
Backstreet Boys 41313
Josie and the Pussycats 41313
Simple Plan 41313
Third Eye Blind 41313
Verve Pipe 41313
Webber, Andrew Lloyd 41313
Buena Vista Social Club 41414
Kansas 41414
Jerry Goldsmith 41515
Andrew Lloyd Webber 41616
Bernstein The Songbook 42121
Menken, Alan & David Zippel 42424
Tom Lehrer 42929
Animaniacs 43232
Antonio Banderas, Madonna 333
The Bostonians of Boston College 333
University of Michigan Dicks & Janes 333
University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat 333
University of Virginia Academical Village People 333
Bruno Coulais, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 355
Rush 377
Aaron Copland 388
Blue Oyster Cult 31010
Toadies 31111
Alexandre Desplat 31212
Guns N' Roses 31212
Jason & deMarco 31212
The Brian Setzer Orchestra 31313
Celine Dion 31414
Beauty and the Beast 31515
Flying Fish Sailors 31515
Pinnock, The English Concert & Choir 31616
John Tesh 31717
Rogues 31919
Disney 32020
James Horner 33030
Bruno Coulais, The Children's Choir Of Nice, Teri Hatcher, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 222
Dartmouth Aires 222
Indiana University Straight No Chaser 222
Jars Of Clay 222
Johns Hopkins Octopodes 222
Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus 222
Letters to Cleo 222
MIT Logarhythms 222
Norman Blake 222
Penn Six-5000 222
R. Kelly 222
Robin Wright-Penn 222
Sven Libaek 222
Tar Heel Voices 222
The Cardigans 222
The Smashing Pumpkins 222
Madonna, Antonio Banderas 233
Stanford Harmonics 233
University of Michigan Amazin' Blue 233
University of Southern California Sirens 233
Vivaldi 233
Jay-Z & Linkin Park 266
UGA Accidentals 266
Gorillaz 299
Sean Wood 21010
Silversun Pickups 2211
Emilia 21212
Toni Braxton 21212
Mighty Mighty Bosstones 21313
Wynton Marsalis and Ellis Marsalis 21313
Cats 21515
Beethoven 21616
ABBA 21919
Scooby Doo 21919
Barry White 22020
Menken, Alan, Howard Ashman & Tim Rice 22121
Sviatoslav Richter 22222
Elvis Presley 23636
50 Cent vs. Michael Jackson 111
A Flock Of Seagulls 111
Aaliyah 111
Aaron Neville and Ernie 111
Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen 111
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulson 111
Alien Ant Farm 111
Alison Krauss 111
Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch 111
Amuka 111
Antonio Banderas 111
Auto-Tune the News 111
Autograph 111
B-52's vs. Fatboy Slim 111
BC Bostonians 111
BLOX Commercial 111
Baha Men 111
Beatles vs. Beach Boys 111
Beatles vs. Madonna 111
Beatles vs. Shaggy 111
Beatles vs. The Monkees 111
Ben E. Kings vs. The Police 111
Bert and Ernie 111
Beth Fowler, Marnie Nixon, Lea Salonga and Chorus 111
Better Than Ezra 111
Big Bird 111
Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Hooper and Everybody 111
Billy Joel and Oscar the Grouch 111
Bjork vs. Linkin Park 111
Black Eyed Peas vs. Blondie 111
Black Eyed Peas vs. Kylie Mino 111
Black Eyed Peas vs. Was Not Wa 111
Black Lab 111
Bobby McFerrin with The Bird 111
Boston University Dear Abbeys 111
Brandeis VoiceMale 111
Britney Spears vs. Empirion 111
Bruno Coulais & The Children's Choir Of Nice 111
Bruno Coulais, Choir Of The Hungarian National Radio, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 111
Bruno Coulais, Choir Of The Hungarian National Radio, Christophe Grindel, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 111
Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 111
Bruno Coulais, The Children's Choir Of Nice, Choir Of The Hungarian National Radio, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 111
Bryan Adams 111
Buenos Aires 111
Busted vs. Destiny's Child 111
Caedmon's Call 111
Captain Vegetable with Eddie and Andy 111
Carly Comando 111
Cast 111
Celine with Herry Monster, Elmo and Big Bird 111
Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott 111
Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone 111
Charlatans vs. Alicia Keys 111
Charlie Musselwhite 111
Charlie Sexton 111
Cheap Trick 111
Claremont Shades 111
Clemson Tigeroar 111
Coldplay vs. Who Da Funk 111
Connecticut College Williams Street Mix 111
Cookie Monster 111
Coolio 111
Corey Hart 111
Corey Taylor 111
Cornelius 111
Cox Family 111
Cutting Crew 111
DJ Zebra 111
Daft Punk vs. Garbage 111
Dana Glover 111
Dandy Warhols vs. Beastie Boys 111
Daniel Powter 111
Dartmouth College Aires 111
Dartmouth Cords 111
Deana Carter 111
Depeche Mode vs. Green Day 111
Destiny's Child vs. The Cure 111
Don't Cry For Me Argentina 111
Donny Osmond and Chorus 111
Doobie Brothers vs. Beyonce 111
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog vs. Crow 111
Duke Out of the Blue 111
Duke University Out of the Blue 111
Duran Duran vs. Avril Lavigne 111
Electric Light Orchestra 111
Elizabethtown College Phalanx 111
Eminem vs. Dukes Of Dixieland 111
Eminem vs. Outkast 111
Eminem, Obie Trice, 50 Cent 111
Ernie and Hoots the Owl 111
Eve vs. Jay-Z 111
Eve vs. Sum 41 111
Everyday People (Stanford University) 111
Fat Larry's Band 111
Felix Da Housecat vs. Madonna 111
Fernado Martinez 111
Fernando Martinez 111
Filter 111
Fischerspooner vs. Michael Sam 111
Five For Fighting 111
Foreigner 111
Frankie Goes To Hollywood 111
Gavin Friday 111
Go West 111
Goo Goo Dolls and Elmo 111
Good Charlotte 111
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 111
Green Day vs. Nelly 111
Greenwheel 111
Guided By Voices 111
Halfcocked 111
Hall & Oates 111
Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens 111
Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell 111
Harvard Callbacks 111
Hootie & The Blowfish with Elmo and The Kids 111
Human Leauge vs. Madonna 111
INXS vs. Outkast 111
IV-V - Injected 111
Idina Menzel 111
Inxs 111
Iowa State University Shaggy Boys 111
Iron Maiden 111
Jackson 5 vs. Oasis 111
James Madison University Low Key 111
James Taylor and The Kids 111
Jan Hammer 111
Jarvis Cocker 111
Javier Escovedo 111
Jefferson Airplane 111
Jeremy Kay 111
Jerry Cantrell 111
Jessica Riddle 111
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band 111
John Lennon & Yoko Ono 111
John Maureci 111
John Waite 111
Jonathan Coulton 111
Justin Timberlake vs. Enrique 111
KT Tunstall 111
Keb' Mo' and The Kids 111
Kevin Kline 111
Knack vs. Britney Spears 111
Kool & the Gang 111
Kurtis Blow 111
Larry Greene 111
Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton 111
Laura Branigan 111
Lazlo Bane 111
Lea Salonga 111
Lightning Seeds 111
Linkin Park vs. Bhangra 111
Lionel Richie 111
Los Lobos 111
Luther Vandross 111
MIT Resonance 111
Madonna, Jonathan Pryce, Antonio Banderas 111
Mah Na Mah Na 111
Maibatsu Thunder Commercial 111
Mark Morrison vs. Santana 111
Mark Ronson vs. Eminem 111
Mark Ronson vs. Jennifer Lopez 111
Mark Schultz 111
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Logarhythms 111
Melissa Etheridge 111
Michael Andrews 111
Michael Crawford 111
Michael Crawford & Company 111
Michael Jackson vs. Gloria Est 111
Michael Jackson vs. Prince 111
Michael Jackson vs. Stevie Wonder 111
Michael Jackson vs. The Beatle 111
Miss Kittin vs. Human League 111
Motley Crue 111
Mr. Mister 111
My Morning Jacket 111
NYU Mass Transit 111
Nena 111
New Kids On The Block 111
Nichole Nordeman 111
Nick Cannon feat. R. Kelly 111
Night Ranger 111
Nil Lara 111
Nine Inch Nails vs. Ace Of Bas 111
Nirvana vs. House Of Pain 111
No Doubt vs. Talk Talk 111
Noel Gallagher 111
Norah Jones 111
Norman Greenbaum 111
Oasis vs. Macy Gray 111
Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit 111
Ozzy Osbourne 111
P.O.D. 111
Paul Simon and Kid 111
Pete Yorn 111
Peter Gabriel 111
Peter Rauhofer + Pet Shop Boys = The Collaboration/ Break 4 Love (Friburn + Urik Tribal Mix) 111
Placebo vs. Kosheen 111
Prince vs. Plump DJs 111
Prince vs. The Jacksons 111
Pulp 111
R.E.M. and Muppet Rocker 111
R.E.M. vs. R. Kelly 111
REO Speedwagon 111
Ray Parker Jr. vs Nine Inch Nails 111
Richard Gibbs 111
Rick James 111
Robbie Williams 111
Rufus Wainwright 111
Run DMC 111
SWV (Sisters With Voices) 111
Salt 111
Sarah, Hanna and Leah Peasall 111
Save Ferris 111
Saving Jane 111
Sean Paul vs Gorillaz 111
Shaggy vs. The Beatles 111
Sir Mix-A-Lot vs. Busted 111
Sisqo 111
Sophie Zelmani 111
Soul Coughing 111
Spandau Ballet 111
Standford U Mendicants 111
Stanford U Mixed Company 111
Stanford University Mendicants 111
Stereo MC's vs. Madonna 111
Steven Curtis Chapman 111
Sting And Aswad 111
Strokes vs. Christina Aguilera 111
Suzanne Vega vs. Dire Straits 111
Talk Talk 111
Tears For Fears 111
Thalia 111
The All-American Rejects 111
The Beatles/Radiohead 111
The Brown Derbies 111
The Carl LaFong Trio 111
The Cranberries 111
The Cure 111
The Dust Brothers 111
The Fray 111
The Human League 111
The Muffs 111
The Outfield 111
The Shins 111
The Strokes 111
The Whispers 111
The Who 111
The Zombies 111
Theme From Spider Man - Original 1967 Cartoon Theme 111
Theory Of A Dead Man 111
Thomas Dolby vs. Ralph Stanley 111
Three Days Grace 111
Toni 3 111
Tonic 111
Tony Bennett 111
Toto 111
Tufts Amalgamates 111
Tufts Shir Appeal 111
Tufts University Shir Appeal 111
UC Santa Barbara Naked Voices 111
UCLA Awaken A Cappella 111
UCLA Random Voices 111
UMich Amazin' Blue 111
UNC Clef Hangers The Way You Were (Outkast) 111
UV Hullabahoos 111
UV Sil'hooettes 111
Unaesta 111
University of California Los Angeles Awaken 111
University of Illinois No Strings Attached 111
University of Illinois Xtension Chords 111
University of Oregon Divisi 111
University of Oregon On The Rocks 111
University of Pennsylvania Off the Beat 111
University of Southern Cal. Sirens 111
University of Wisconsin Madison Madhatters 111
Upscale 111
Ursula 1000 111
Utah State That One 111
Washington University Greenleafs 111
Washington University Pikers 111
World Party 111
Wynonna Judd 111
X 111
Yes 111
York University Wibijazz'n 111
York University Wibijazz'n' 111
Zapp & Roger 111
50 Cent 122
Aural Pleasure 122
Bizet 122
Blink 182 122
Bruno Coulais & Helene Breschand 122
Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini,The Children's Choir Of Nice, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 122
Chopin 122
Copeland 122
Count Basie 122
David Bowie 122
Deodato 122
Evolution Control Committee 122
Frankie Valli 122
Grover 122
Kenny Loggins 122
Kermit the Frog 122
Liz Callaway 122
Louis Armstrong 122
Smash Mouth 122
Soggy Bottom Boys 122
Stanford University Mixed Company 122
Teena Marie 122
The Pitchforks of Duke University 122
The Pointer Sisters 122
Tufts Beelzebubs 122
Tufts University Amalgamates 122
USC Sirens 122
University of North Carolina Clef Hangers 122
Virginia Tech Juxtaposition 122
Vocal Tonic 122
Arvo P#rt 133
Local Vocals 133
Radio Sponsor 144
Bruno Coulais, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard 155
Noteworthy 155
Leonard Bernstein 166
Mozart 166
Chick Corea 177
E. Power Biggs 188
Bellaire High School 11010
Kathy Troccoli 11010
a-ha 11010
Army Of Anyone 11111
Michael W. Smith 11111
mc chris 11011
Fastball 1112
Alain Boubil & Claude-Michel Shonberg 11414
David Arnold 11515
All-Region Choir 11616
Dmitri Shostakovich 11616
Alan Silvestri 11717
Rolling Stones 11818
Tchaikovsky 11818
Bloodhound Gang 11919
Don McLean 12020
Kenny G 12626
Ramones 13030
Artists with most 5 star tracks
ArtistChart5 star tracksRated tracksTotal tracks
Radiohead 257070
Dave Matthews Band 219393
Barenaked Ladies 134040
The Simpsons 129292
Journey 113232
Coldplay 113434
Michael Jackson 102222
Evanescence 102424
Tori Amos 106060
Muse 82222
Jimmy Eat World 83535
Linkin Park 83737
Nine Inch Nails 86363
Jonathan Larson 71717
Pink Floyd 73535
The Beatles 75757
Frou Frou 61111
Joss Whedon 61515
University of Rochester Yellowjackets 62020
Rockapella 63535
University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers 63737
U2 65555
Savage Garden 51111
Clandestine 51212
Goo Goo Dolls 51313
Stephen Schwartz 51919
The Lonely Island 51919
Pomplamoose 41010
Guster 41111
Matchbox 20 41313
Lager Rhythms 41919
OutKast 42121
Vanessa Carlton 42222
John Du Prez & Eric Idle 42525
Foo Fighters 42929
Bear McCreary 43030
Fall Out Boy 44040
Video Game Pianist 44545
Weird Al Yankovic 47070
The Rice Philharmonics 46976
University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat 333
Cher 31010
Anna Nalick 31111
Guns N' Roses 31212
DJ Danger Mouse 31212
Northwestern University Purple Haze 31414
Kansas 31414
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 31515
Sarah McLachlan 31515
Phil Collins 31616
Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx 32121
Lady GaGa 31722
Vertical Horizon 32222
The Calling 32222
Buffy and Friends 32323
Rice Marching Owl Band 32525
Blue October 32626
NSync 32626
Colin Hay 32828
Queen 32828
Revels 33131
Stephen Flaherty 33838
Imogen Heap 33838
They Might Be Giants 34040
The Beach Boys 34949
The Smashing Pumpkins 222
Robin Wright-Penn 222
Penn Six-5000 222
University of Michigan Dicks & Janes 233
Jay-Z & Linkin Park 266
Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz 21010
The Slip 21111
The Killers 21111
Saliva 21212
Fuel 21212
Hilary Duff 21313
Bodies Of Water 21313
Lacuna Coil 21313
Madonna 21313
Zero 7 21414
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 21515
NEScover 21616
Atlanta Symphony & Chorus 21616
Normand Corbeil 21616
Bowling For Soup 21919
The Christmas Revels 22121
Christina Aguilera 22121
Puddle of Mudd 22323
Eminem 22123
Boyz II Men 22323
Wilco 22323
Aerosmith 22424
Cirque du Soleil 22424
Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner 22424
Edmonson, Greg 22525
Danny Elfman 22626
Jackson Browne 22929
Mannheim Steamroller 22929
Sting 23434
Enya 24141
Fountains Of Wayne 24646
Austin Lounge Lizards 24747
Various 27272
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Logarhythms 111
The Carl LaFong Trio 111
Ernie and Hoots the Owl 111
Claremont Shades 111
Ben E. Kings vs. The Police 111
Noel Gallagher 111
Thalia 111
Captain Vegetable with Eddie and Andy 111
Better Than Ezra 111
Dartmouth College Aires 111
Idina Menzel 111
James Madison University Low Key 111
Harvard Callbacks 111
Tufts Shir Appeal 111
50 Cent vs. Michael Jackson 111
Cutting Crew 111
Auto-Tune the News 111
Tonic 111
Iowa State University Shaggy Boys 111
Coldplay vs. Who Da Funk 111
Elizabethtown College Phalanx 111
UCLA Random Voices 111
Good Charlotte 111
A Flock Of Seagulls 111
Five For Fighting 111
York University Wibijazz'n' 111
Stanford University Mendicants 111
Carly Comando 111
Tufts University Shir Appeal 111
Lionel Richie 111
UC Santa Barbara Naked Voices 111
Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott 111
The Outfield 111
Jessica Riddle 111
Goo Goo Dolls and Elmo 111
Stereo MC's vs. Madonna 111
Jonathan Coulton 111
Antonio Banderas 111
Mr. Mister 111
Dana Glover 111
Lazlo Bane 111
Sir Mix-A-Lot vs. Busted 111
Shaggy vs. The Beatles 111
Lea Salonga 111
Everyday People (Stanford University) 111
R.E.M. and Muppet Rocker 111
University of California Los Angeles Awaken 111
Peter Gabriel 111
Jan Hammer 111
Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone 111
Melissa Etheridge 111
Beth Fowler, Marnie Nixon, Lea Salonga and Chorus 111
Corey Hart 111
Hootie & The Blowfish with Elmo and The Kids 111
University of Wisconsin Madison Madhatters 111
Beatles vs. Shaggy 111
John Waite 111
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulson 111
Michael Andrews 111
REO Speedwagon 111
Three Days Grace 111
The All-American Rejects 111
MIT Logarhythms 122
Sven Libaek 122
Kenny Loggins 122
Aural Pleasure 122
Indiana University Straight No Chaser 122
R. Kelly 122
Soggy Bottom Boys 122
Tufts University Amalgamates 122
The Pitchforks of Duke University 122
Blink 182 122
University of Southern California Sirens 133
Mark Mothersbaugh 155
Homestar Runner 177
Rush 177
The Blues Brothers Band 188
Gorillaz 199
Don Henley 11010
a-ha 11010
Blue Oyster Cult 11010
Pet Shop Boys 11010
Arcade Fire 11111
Silversun Pickups 1211
Toadies 11111
Army Of Anyone 11111
mc chris 11011
George Michael 11111
3 Doors Down 11111
Train 11111
Dexter Freebish 11111
Toni Braxton 11212
Apotheosis 11212
Hoobastank 11212
Fastball 1112
Maroon 5 11212
Dirty Vegas 11212
Massive Attack 11212
Plain White T's 11313
Death Cab For Cutie 11313
The Magnetic Fields 11313
Josie and the Pussycats 11313
The White Stripes 11313
Freezepop 11313
Verve Pipe 11313
Bleu 11313
John Mayer 11414
Adam Lambert 11414
Nas 11515
Michael Giacchino 11515
Jerry Goldsmith 11515
George Winston 11616
Lauridsen, Morten 11717
1995 Broadway Cast 12020
Metallica 12121
Brian Jacobs 12222
Garbage 12424
Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony 12525
Enigma 12525
Kyle Gabler 12727
Jewel 12727
Michael Kamen 13030
Thomas Newman 13434
TV Themes 16565
Nintendo 18282
Albums with most 5 star tracks
AlbumChart5 star tracksTotal tracksMain artist
The Essential Journey 1132Journey
Number Ones 818Michael Jackson
Rent 717Jonathan Larson
Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons 753The Simpsons
Free Music / Mash-Up 7246None
Details 611Frou Frou
Fallen 611Evanescence
Hail to the Thief 614Radiohead
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 615Joss Whedon
BOCA 2003 618None
BOCA 2002 619None
1 627The Beatles
In Rainbows 510Radiohead
Parachutes 510Coldplay
Savage Garden 511Savage Garden
Amnesiac 511Radiohead
Maroon 512Barenaked Ladies
To Anybody At All 512Clandestine
Everyday 513Dave Matthews Band
Dizzy Up The Girl 513Goo Goo Dolls
Stunt 513Barenaked Ladies
GTA VC Disc 3 - Emotion 98.3 515None
BOCA 2001 517None
Wicked 519Stephen Schwartz
Incredibad [Explicit] 519The Lonely Island
Now That's What I Call Music 15 520None
Songs From the Street - 35 Years of Music - Disc 3 521None
Songs In The Key Of Springfield 539The Simpsons
Nature's Call 49University of Rochester Yellowjackets
Tribute to Famous People 410Pomplamoose
Kid A 410Radiohead
Black Holes and Revelations 411Muse
The Resistance 411Muse
Lost and Gone Forever 411Guster
Manifesto 411University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
Futures 411Jimmy Eat World
Bleed American 411Jimmy Eat World
Under The Table And Dreaming 412Dave Matthews Band
Mad Season 413Matchbox 20
The Open Door 413Evanescence
Meteora 413Linkin Park
X&Y 413Coldplay
Year Zero 416Nine Inch Nails
BOCA 2004 418None
Strange Charm 419Lager Rhythms
The Love Below 421OutKast
Spamalot 425John Du Prez & Eric Idle
Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 430Bear McCreary
The Dark Side Of The Moon 39Pink Floyd
Listener Supported (Disc 2) 310Dave Matthews Band
The Slip 310Nine Inch Nails
Believe 310Cher
Before These Crowded Streets 311Dave Matthews Band
Busted Stuff 311Dave Matthews Band
The Joshua Tree 311U2
Wreck Of The Day 311Anna Nalick
Camino Palmero 311The Calling
The Bends 312Radiohead
From The Choirgirl Hotel 312Tori Amos
The Grey Album 312DJ Danger Mouse
Smilin' 312Rockapella
Appetite For Destruction [Explicit] 312Guns N' Roses
Little Earthquakes 312Tori Amos
Running With Scissors 312Weird Al Yankovic
The Wall - Disc 2 313Pink Floyd
Folie A Deux 313Fall Out Boy
Mirrorball 314Sarah McLachlan
Live at the Whisky 314Kansas
The X-Files: The Album - Fight The Future 314None
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 315You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Gordon 315Barenaked Ladies
Phil Collins...Hits 316Phil Collins
Beowulf 317Alan Silvestri
GTA VC Disc 4 - Flash FM 317None
Scarlet's Walk 318Tori Amos
BOCA 2005 320None
BOCA 2006 320None
Avenue Q (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 321Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx
Rockapella: Live In Japan 323Rockapella
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling 323Buffy and Friends
MOB Reborn 325Rice Marching Owl Band
Christmas in an Irish Castle 331Revels
Ragtime 338Stephen Flaherty
Rarities & B-Sides [Explicit] 22The Smashing Pumpkins
Collision Course 26Jay-Z & Linkin Park
Darwin's Gambit 210University of Rochester Yellowjackets
Music from Braid 210Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz
Listener Supported (Disc 1) 210Dave Matthews Band
Harmonium 211Vanessa Carlton
A Rush Of Blood To The Head 211Coldplay
Everything You Want 211Vertical Horizon
Hot Fuss 211The Killers
All That You Can't Leave Behind 211U2
Eisenhower 211The Slip
Be Not Nobody 211Vanessa Carlton
La Nouba 212Cirque du Soleil
Back Into Your System 212Saliva
Minutes To Midnight 212Linkin Park
Mulan 212Mulan
No Strings Attached 212NSync
History for Sale 212Blue October
OK Computer 212Radiohead
Hybrid Theory 212Linkin Park
Hooray for Everything 212Northwestern University Purple Haze
Ray of Light 213Madonna
Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink 213Bodies Of Water
Karmacode 213Lacuna Coil
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace 213Foo Fighters
Metamorphosis 213Hilary Duff
The Blue Album 214University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
The Fame 214Lady GaGa
Simple Things 214Zero 7
GTA VC Disc 2 - Wave 103 215None
[Scrubs] Soundtrack 215None
Facing Future 215Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Skin And Bones 215Foo Fighters
Heavy Rain (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game) 216Normand Corbeil
SA NEScover 216NEScover
Welcome Interstate Managers 216Fountains Of Wayne
Faur# and Durufl# Requiems 216Atlanta Symphony & Chorus
Greatest Hits 217Queen
Blues Brothers 2000 218None
The Prince of Egypt 219Various
A Hangover You Don't Deserve 219Bowling For Soup
Flood 219They Might Be Giants
Now That's What I Call Music 22 220None
Stripped 220Christina Aguilera
The Life Aquatic 220None
Wassail! Wassail! Early American Christmas Music 221The Christmas Revels
Wasting Our Parents' Money 221None
Mario Fantasy 221Video Game Pianist
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 221Danny Elfman
A Little South Of Sanity 223Aerosmith
Spaced Out - The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner 224Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner
The Video Game Pianist Piano Collections 224Video Game Pianist
Firefly 225Edmonson, Greg
Ellipse 226Imogen Heap
Pet Sounds 227The Beach Boys
Wall-E 238Thomas Newman
Donnie Darko 11Michael Andrews
Double Rainbow Song feat. Yosemitebear 11Auto-Tune the News
Lost Highway 11Nine Inch Nails
Gotham City (Single) 12R. Kelly
MCMXC a.D. 17Enigma
Moving Pictures 17Rush
The Fame Monster 18Lady GaGa
Life's A Bitch And I'm Her Pimp 19mc chris
G Sides 19Gorillaz
Brand New Day 110Sting
S&M Disc 2 110Metallica
I'm Alive 110Jackson Browne
The End Of The Innocence 110Don Henley
Top Gun 110None
Running On Empty 110Jackson Browne
Hunting High and Low 110a-ha
Cooleyhighharmony 110Boyz II Men
Actually 110Pet Shop Boys
Epoch 110The Rice Philharmonics
Mercury Falling 110Sting
War 110U2
A Day Without Rain 111Enya
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 111Wilco
A Life Of Saturdays 111Dexter Freebish
The Better Life 1113 Doors Down
Come Clean 111Puddle of Mudd
Calling All Angels 111Train
Faith 111George Michael
Army Of Anyone 111Army Of Anyone
Carnavas 111Silversun Pickups
Rubberneck 111Toadies
Mezzanine 111Massive Attack
Neon Bible 111Arcade Fire
Go 111Vertical Horizon
The Game 111Queen
Sunburn 111Fuel
Free Willy 112None
Five Seconds To Spare 112Apotheosis
Sky Blue Sky 112Wilco
Songs About Jane 112Maroon 5
The Reason 112Hoobastank
Version 2.0 112Garbage
Harsh Light of Day 112Fastball
Dirty Vegas 112Dirty Vegas
Redhead 112Bleu
Bridges and Breakdowns 112The Rice Philharmonics
Speak For Yourself 112Imogen Heap
Secrets 112Toni Braxton
Life on Display 112Puddle of Mudd
Bad Hair Day 112Weird Al Yankovic
Untie Me 112Brian Jacobs
Lizard Vision 112Austin Lounge Lizards
Going Somewhere 113Colin Hay
Josie and the Pussycats Movie Soundtrack 113Josie and the Pussycats
NSync 113NSync
Employee Of The Month 113Austin Lounge Lizards
Villains 113Verve Pipe
Shrek 113None
Narrow Stairs 113Death Cab For Cutie
All That We Needed 113Plain White T's
II 113Boyz II Men
Classical Gas 113Mannheim Steamroller
Fancy Ultra-fresh 113Freezepop
Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King 113Dave Matthews Band
Icky Thump 113The White Stripes
The Wall - Disc 1 113Pink Floyd
Distortion 113The Magnetic Fields
Man @ Work 113Colin Hay
Room For Squares 114John Mayer
Infinity On High 114Fall Out Boy
Pieces of You 114Jewel
For Your Entertainment 114Adam Lambert
Foiled 114Blue October
Stand Up 114Dave Matthews Band
10 Things I Hate About You 114None
Phils So Good 114The Rice Philharmonics
A Scorching Day of Abstention 114The Rice Philharmonics
Star Trek 115Michael Giacchino
Nas 115Nas
Sum of All Fears, The 115Jerry Goldsmith
Christmas Live 116Mannheim Steamroller
Linus & Lucy The Music Of Vince Guaraldi 116George Winston
8 Mile (Soundtrack) 116None
Lux Aeterna 117Lauridsen, Morten
Anastasia 117None
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Soundtrack 118None
Boys For Pele 118Tori Amos
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring [OST] 118Howard Shore
Super Hits 118Blue Oyster Cult
Spider-Man 119None
Evita 119None
The Absolute Best, Vol. 1 120The Beach Boys
Encore 120Eminem
Band Of Brothers 120Michael Kamen
Company 1201995 Broadway Cast
Songs From the Street - 35 Years of Music Disc 2 121None
GTA VC Disc 5 - Wildstyle Pirate Radio 121None
UGApalooza 123None
Orff: Carmina Burana 125Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony
World of Goo Soundtrack 127Kyle Gabler
The Beatles (White Album) 130The Beatles
Coraline 132None
Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's) 165TV Themes
The Legend of Zelda : Original Sound Track 182Nintendo
Comments in rating order
CommentsAverage ratingStandard deviationRated tracksTotal tracks
(c) 2008 nin4.000000.816501010 http://kylegabler.com3.444440.577352727
Artists with more than one song
ArtistTotal tracks
The Conet Project136
Dave Matthews Band93
The Simpsons92
The Rice Philharmonics76
Weird Al Yankovic70
TV Themes65
Nine Inch Nails63
Tori Amos60
The Beatles57
The Beach Boys49
Austin Lounge Lizards47
Fountains Of Wayne46
Video Game Pianist45
Fall Out Boy40
Barenaked Ladies40
They Might Be Giants40
Stephen Flaherty38
Imogen Heap38
University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers37
Linkin Park37
Elvis Presley36
Big Idea36
John Williams36
Pink Floyd35
Jimmy Eat World35
Thomas Newman34
Michael Kamen30
James Horner30
Bear McCreary30
Jackson Browne29
Mannheim Steamroller29
Tom Lehrer29
Foo Fighters29
Colin Hay28
Barnes & Noble28
Kyle Gabler27
Giuseppe Verdi26
Kenny G26
Blue October26
Danny Elfman26
John Du Prez & Eric Idle25
Edmonson, Greg25
Rice Marching Owl Band25
Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony25
Houston Revels25
Car Talk24
Cirque du Soleil24
Nimoy & Shatner, William Shatner24
Much Ado About Nothing24
Menken, Alan & David Zippel24
Buffy and Friends23
Puddle of Mudd23
Boyz II Men23
Michael Jackson22
Brian Jacobs22
The Cambridge Singers22
Sviatoslav Richter22
Lady GaGa22
Vanessa Carlton22
Vertical Horizon22
The Calling22
Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx21
Menken, Alan, Howard Ashman & Tim Rice21
The Christmas Revels21
Christina Aguilera21
Bernstein The Songbook21
Philip Glass21
Rudy Davenport20
Don McLean20
Barry White20
Depeche Mode20
University of Rochester Yellowjackets20
1995 Broadway Cast20
Stephen Schwartz19
Bowling For Soup19
Scooby Doo19
Lager Rhythms19
Original Soundtrack19
Bloodhound Gang19
The Lonely Island19
Alcoa Singers19
Rolling Stones18
John Tesh17
Alan Silvestri17
John Barry17
Loreena McKennitt17
Jonathan Larson17
Lauridsen, Morten17
Andrea Bocelli16
All-Region Choir16
Phil Collins16
Atlanta Symphony & Chorus16
George Winston16
Normand Corbeil16
Rodgers & Hammerstein16
Indigo Girls16
Dmitri Shostakovich16
Pinnock, The English Concert & Choir16
Andrew Lloyd Webber16
Howard Shore16
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown15
Sarah McLachlan15
Joss Whedon15
David Arnold15
Michael Giacchino15
Badelt, Klaus15
Hans Zimmer15
Beauty and the Beast15
Flying Fish Sailors15
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole15
Jerry Goldsmith15
Buena Vista Social Club14
John Mayer14
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart14
Celine Dion14
Men At Work14
Zero 714
Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger14
Dave Matthews14
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina14
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard14
Northwestern University Purple Haze14
Adam Lambert14
Alain Boubil & Claude-Michel Shonberg14
Wynton Marsalis and Ellis Marsalis13
Simple Plan13
Mighty Mighty Bosstones13
Hilary Duff13
Plain White T's13
Dana Lyons13
Death Cab For Cutie13
Bodies Of Water13
The Magnetic Fields13
Third Eye Blind13
Webber, Andrew Lloyd13
The Brian Setzer Orchestra13
Jennifer Molholt13
Matchbox 2013
Josie and the Pussycats13
The White Stripes13
Backstreet Boys13
Lacuna Coil13
Verve Pipe13
Goo Goo Dolls13
Guns N' Roses12
Sandra Boynton12
Alexandre Desplat12
Toni Braxton12
DJ Danger Mouse12
Jason & deMarco12
Kaiser Chiefs12
Mark Knopfler (Princess Bride)12
Maroon 512
Sonya Kitchell12
Natalie Imbruglia12
The Lion King12
Dirty Vegas12
Massive Attack12
The Wallflowers12
Savage Garden11
Arcade Fire11
Silversun Pickups11
Army Of Anyone11
mc chris11
George Michael11
The Slip11
The Killers11
Frou Frou11
Ely Guerra11
3 Doors Down11
Michelle Branch11
Michael W. Smith11
Anna Nalick11
Dexter Freebish11
The American Film Orchestra10
Sean Wood10
Don Henley10
Bellaire High School10
Mark Douthit, Jeff Kirk, Dann Huff, Craig Nelson, David Huntsinger, John Darnall, Eric Darken10
Al Denson10
Kathy Troccoli10
Sensuous Sax10
Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz10
Blue Oyster Cult10
Pet Shop Boys10
E.J. Jones9
Rudresh Mahanthappa9
Aaron Copland8
The Blues Brothers Band8
Jacques Loussier8
E. Power Biggs8
Dvorak - Mendelssohn8
Homestar Runner7
Chick Corea7
UGA Accidentals6
David Newman6
Jay-Z & Linkin Park6
Leonard Bernstein6
Seu Jorge5
Mark Mothersbaugh5
Bruno Coulais, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard5
Bruno Coulais, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard5
Richard M. Nixon4
Johannes Brahms4
Ronald Reagan4
The Kids4
Sex Bob-Omb4
Radio Sponsor4
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus/ Requiem4
Arvo P#rt3
The Bostonians of Boston College3
University of Southern California Sirens3
University of Virginia Academical Village People3
Local Vocals3
University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat3
University of Michigan Amazin' Blue3
Madonna, Antonio Banderas3
Stanford Harmonics3
USC SoCal VoCals3
University of Michigan Dicks & Janes3
Stanford Fleet Street Singers3
Burl Ives3
Antonio Banderas, Madonna3
Sympathetic Vibrations2
Jars Of Clay2
Count Basie2
Duke Ellington2
Madonna vs The Lovemakers2
The Smashing Pumpkins2
Cindy Bullens2
Dartmouth Aires2
The Cardigans2
Frankie Valli2
Vocal Tonic2
Bruno Coulais & Helene Breschand2
MIT Logarhythms2
Tar Heel Voices2
Virginia Tech Juxtaposition2
Kristine W2
University of North Carolina Clef Hangers2
John Travolta2
Stevie Wonder2
Stanford University Mixed Company2
Macy Gray2
50 Cent2
Sven Libaek2
Robin Wright-Penn2
Stockard Channing2
Crash and the Boys2
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John2
Kermit the Frog2
Johns Hopkins Octopodes2
Penn Six-50002
Norman Blake2
Franklin Delano Roosevelt2
Kenny Loggins2
Mongo Santamaria2
USC Sirens2
John Cale2
David Bowie2
Tufts Beelzebubs2
Barbara Jordan2
Evolution Control Committee2
Martin Luther King, Jr.2
Aural Pleasure2
Bruno Coulais, The Children's Choir Of Nice, Teri Hatcher, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard2
The Pointer Sisters2
Indiana University Straight No Chaser2
Letters to Cleo2
Fletcher Henderson2
Georges Delerue2
John Hartford2
Smash Mouth2
R. Kelly2
Soggy Bottom Boys2
Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus2
Beastie Boys2
Lyndon Baines Johnson2
The Rolling Stones2
Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini,The Children's Choir Of Nice, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard2
Tufts University Amalgamates2
Sheryl Crow2
Sister Hazel2
Teena Marie2
Liz Callaway2
The Pitchforks of Duke University2
Bruno Coulais, Bernard Paganotti, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard2
Olivia Newton-John2
Louis Armstrong2
Blink 1822
Total number of tracks played

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