Scene It? Disney (2004)

Players: 2-4 (Best for 4, Recommended for 2-4)

Playing time: 60 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.50821

Description: Disney Scene It is a nice game for the Disney Enthusiast or Disney lovers. The game comes with 2 sets of trivia cards. 50 cards for children or younger players and 110 cards for the adults. The game comes with a DVD containing remastered clips of several Disney films on which questions are based.

The game has a turn method that allows for a smooth progression through the game and does not require answering a question to move. This is good for younger players allowing an equal chance to win without having to answer every question. An alternate rule can be added for adults to make the game more challenging and require more correct answers for movement.

Mechanics: Roll and Move

Categories: Movies/TV/Radio theme, Trivia, Dice

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