Dice games often use dice as its sole or principal component. Dice games traditionally focus almost exclusively on dice rolling as a mechanic (e.g., Yahtzee, Liar's Dice, Can't Stop).

Generally, Dice game also refer to a number of Wargames that frequently use a large number of dice to decide a majority of game outcomes and variables. Usually, dice will account for the "luck" or "random chance" factor often needed in military simulations. These types of Wargames are colloquially known as "dice-fests".

Games with mechanic Dice:

Roll for the Galaxy2-53-42-57.6845
Camel Cup2-84-52-86.9330
Das Ältere Zeichen1-841-56.8890
Letter Roll2-85.5620
Scene It? Disney2-442-45.5160

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