Expansion for Base-game

Expansion for Base-game games are sets of additional components and rules for expanding on an original base game. An expansion cannot be played alone; they must be used in conjunction with the base game.

Expansions for base games can be found in most of the game entries on BGG. You will find them in the "Information" section, under "Expanded By". You can also find expansions under the "Linked Items" column.

Games with mechanic Expansion for Base-game:

Pandemic: On the Brink2-53-42-57.6745
Lord of the Rings - Friends & Foes2-542-57.1690
The Seafarers of Catan3-643-47.0690
Pandemic: In the Lab1-63-41-66.8845
Lord of the Rings - Sauron3-653-66.48120

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