Rita Information Map - This map is intended for the use of people affected by Hurricane Rita who have or are trying to find information about the status of specific locations affected by the storm and its aftermath. If you have information about the status of an area that is not yet on the map, please contribute by following the instructions below so that others may get that much needed information.


Although the marker indicates the location of your entry, please note that it is often useful to include identifying information about the location when you post storm/flood information, especially in cases which refer to general areas. It is especially useful to include date/time with your information, if you have it. Consider what would be most useful for people looking at your information. The map will now automatically mark the time that you added the information, in EST - this time is only when the marker was added, not necessarily when the information posted was retrieved.

Note: Please do NOT add markers that ASK for information, only add markers that PROVIDE information.

This is so that this map remains uncluttered and useful for those needing the information.

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The green markers are the latest 50 markers added to the map, which may be useful if you are checking in frequently for the latest information.

The purple markers are markers that people have added information to after the initial marker was created. They are in essence "updated" markers, useful for people who are seeking more information in locations they've already checked.

If you can't see the map above, check at Google's site to see if you're using a supported browser.

If you can't see the marker you just added, reload this page.

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Disclaimer: There are no promises that the information on this site is accurate. Anyone with internet access can add whatever they want to this map, and the only control over the content of the markers is the good will of people trying to help in this time of trouble.

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