Kill Doctor Lucky (1996)

Players: 3-7 (Recommended for 3-6)

Playing time: 45 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 6.05506

Description: Popular game from Cheapass, which specializes in quick games with very cheap components. Players are expected to supply the usual gaming stuff, dice, markers etc, Cheapass supplies the rest with a large dollop of humor. In this notorious game, players move around the mansion trying to murder Dr Lucky without being seen. An inversion of Clue.

In the Cheapass game Save Doctor Lucky the goal is to prevent Dr. Lucky from drowning.


1997 Original cardstock version (out of print)
2002 Director's Cut - cardstock - includes a second game board modeled after Kill Doctor Lucky: Craigdarroch
2006 Deluxe Edition - Complete, high quality, color edition from Titanic Games

Mechanics: Hand Management, Point to Point Movement

Categories: Murder/Mystery

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