Ubi (1986)

Players: 2-4 (Best for 3-4, Recommended for 2-4)

Playing time: 60 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.42749

Description: From the creators of Trivial Pursuit, Ubi is a trivia game where you must strive to build your rubi ubi pyramid. Each time you successfully answer a question, you get a piece of your pyramid, provided you answered with the required "precision". The answers are given based on the map provided, so your answer is basically a geographical area which you feel applies to the question or statement.

The game is supplied with a reticle (map-reader), which provides you with the letter needed if you want to answer with "triangular precision". So you must answer with a number (for hexagonal precision) or a number and a letter (for triangular). The four sides of the pyramid are earned by answering a question with triangular precision, one for each zone on the map (Americas, Europe, Water, and Universal - which is Africa, Asia and the other 3 zones).

The rubi (top of the pyramid) is earned by first having the four sides done, then answering a final question. The zone is determined by rolling the rubi like a die, as the zones are inscribed on the rubi piece.

Categories: Trivia

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