Wits and Wagers (2005)

Players: 3-7 (Best for 6-7, Recommended for 4-7)

Playing time: 25 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 6.91517


Gambit 7 has been separated from Wits & Wagers based on game rule differences and at the request of the designer and publisher.

Trivia for People Who Don't Know Stuff!
Not a trivia buff? It doesn’t matter! Each player writes a guess to a question such as “In what year did the bikini swimsuit makes its first appearance?” or “How many feet wide is an NFL football field?” and places it face-up on the betting mat. Think you know the answer? Bet on your guess. Think you know who the experts are? Bet on their guess. The closest answer pays out according to the odds on the betting mat. Strike it big and you’ll be cheering like you just hit the jackpot!

Wits & Wagers is a trivia game that lets you bet on anyone’s answer. So you can win by making educated guesses, by playing the odds, or by knowing the interests of your friends. It can be taught in 2 minutes, played in 25 minutes, and accommodates up to 20 people in teams.

Wits & Wagers Game Show events are hosted by North Star Games at Origins and GenCon. These team events have gotten great buzz from Alan Moon, Tom Vasel, and hundreds of others.

Mechanics: Betting/Wagering, Paper-and-Pencil

Categories: Party Game, Trivia

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