Mancala (550)

Players: 2-2 (Best for 2, Recommended for 2)

Playing time: 10 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.75967

Description: Mancala is not just used as the name of a game, but also used as the name for the whole Mancala Family of pit-and-pebble games. The game known as Mancala in the USA is best known in Africa as Wari.

Play involves scooping up pebbles from a pit and sowing the pebbles, one at a time, into the other pits. These games were probably created in Africa hundreds (if not thousands) of years ago.

The board for a "standard" Mancala game is composed of two by six pits, and a larger scoring pit on each side. Two players sit across from each other over the board. The large scoring pit to each player's right is "her" scoring pit.

Mechanics: Point to Point Movement

Categories: Abstract Strategy

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